ISCAC – Coimbra Business School

“The timetabling generation in Educational Institution is not an easy task, given the need to manage several restrictions in terms of teachers, classes and classrooms.

However, with Bullet TimeTabler Education all this process has been simplified and and you can get a much faster and more effective optimized solution that appeals to all parties.

In addition to a weighted optimization taking into account several relevant factors, the software also enables, at a later stage, a manual management which is important for editing specific changes. It is also important to highlight the possibility of exporting timetables to HTML, allowing the rapid dissemination of these to the entire academic community.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the prompt availability and the responsiveness of Bullet Solutions team throughout the training and technical support, either in person, by phone or email.”

Sónia Rito
ISCAC – Coimbra Business School (Coimbra, Portugal)